Staples Nordic and Purell create an atmosphere of well-being in meeting rooms

Staples Nordic and Purell create an atmosphere of well-being in meeting rooms
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Staples Nordic and Purell create an atmosphere of well-being in meeting rooms

“When your Space works, everything works.” It is with this claim that Northern Europe’s largest office supplier is kicking off its current marketing campaign: Staples Solutions. It presented the associated marketing concept at the beginning of February and also includes a partnership with Purell, the leading brand among hand hygiene products. 

4 segments for the perfect workplace  

The focus of the kick-off meeting was the presentation of the new marketing concept by Staples Solutions. The office supplier, with a strong presence in the Nordic region have offices in Sweden , Denmark, Norway and Finland is specialised in products and services for the office.

The latest campaign by Staples Nordic under the motto, “When your Space works, everything works” provides a glimpse of the perfect division of office space. Staples Nordic distinguishes 4 segments of the perfect layout for workplaces: 

  • Workspace
  • Breakspace
  • Washspace
  • Meetspace 

Purell is an A-Partner of Staples Nordic 

Staples Nordic can attract the leading hand hygiene brand, Purell, as an A-Partner for the Meetspace area. The following idea is behind the Meetspace concept: The mainstay of the modern working world is collaboration. Yet a culture of collaboration is only possible with a perfectly equipped MEETSPACE within the company. 

The design of every MEETSPACE must be carefully studied and offer comfortable furnishings, the right materials and the latest technology to give colleagues a sense of well-being under optimum working conditions. That is why Staples is offering a thoroughly new design for furnishing MEETSPACES. 

The danger of germ transmission  

“Viruses, bacteria and fungi spread fastest wherever many people gather,” says Sven Jäschke, Country Manager at GOJO Industries, manufacturer of the hand hygiene products under the Purell brand. In large MEETSPACES, the risk of disease transmission is particularly high.  

“Most diseases are transmitted from person to person by way of airborne infection. However, contaminated surfaces such as doorknobs, keyboards or telephones also serve as transmission paths. With the current flu epidemic, the risk really should not be underestimated,” Jäschke adds. “We are thus all the happier to be working with Staples Nordic.” 

60 years’ experience in research and development in skin and surface hygiene 

Manufacturer GOJO has acquired over 60 years’ experience in research and development and innovation in skin and surface hygiene. Staples Nordic customers can now benefit from the many years of know-how that has also been distilled in the development of the skincare and disinfectant gels under the Purell brand.  

For example, by providing mobile or fixed mounted dispenser systems, employers can now keep newly installed MEETSPACES as free from germs as is possible and thus contribute to a perfect atmosphere of well-being. Disinfectant wipes are also available for cleaning not only hands but surfaces as well. Employees can thus wash their hands or clean their work utensils if meetings should last longer than expected and no soap or water are available. 

 “Thorough hand cleaning has been proven to help prevent diseases in the office. One of our scientific studies proved that: With a hand hygiene programme in the workplace, employee absenteeism due to illness can be reduced by more than 13 percent,” Sven Jäschke stresses. “The cooperation between Purell and Staples Nordic has thus created the perfect environment for employees that is ergonomic, modern, with state of the art technology for meeting the most stringent hygiene requirements.”

20. Februar 2019