Hotels must become centres of hygiene excellence

Hotels must become centres of hygiene excellence
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By Sonja Dietz
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Hotels must become centres of hygiene excellence

The travel industry is preparing for its restart throughout Europe. And after the exhaustion of the last few weeks, many people are looking forward to their summer holidays. However, caution is advised, as the pandemic is not yet over. A new study indicates the hotspots where special attention must be paid to surface hygiene, especially in hotels. 

How long coronaviruses survive on surfaces

A new study has proved that SARS-COV-2 can remain viable on surfaces for hours or even days. This makes it all the more important to pay special attention to surface hygiene, especially in hotels where many guests circulate and use the same spaces. As part of the study, researchers analysed the wastewater from sinks, shower drains and toilets.  

The researchers were able to detect the virus in the wastewater of the washbasin and in droplets on its surface, after carriers brushed their teeth and washed their hands. The virus was also found on the surface and in the wastewater of toilets.

What does this mean for the hygiene in hotels? Given the high-frequency use of washrooms in public areas, and the high turnover of guests using the same bathrooms in private spaces, bathrooms and washrooms should remain a key focus in a hotel’s sanitation efforts. Regular cleaning of these high-risk locations can prevent the virus being spread to other areas of the building and infecting other people.

Important hygiene measures in hotels

Special care should be taken when cleaning bathrooms and guest toilets in hotels to reduce the risk of infection spreading. All toilets in public areas should be cleaned and sanitised at more frequent intervals.

Surface sanitising sprays can and should be used to ensure a carefree stay for guests. PURELL® Surface Sanitising Spray quickly combats 99.999 percent of most harmful germs without leaving sticky residue and is:

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The formula contains 100% natural ingredients, including ethanol of plant origin and has a biodegradable formula. What’s more there is no need to rinse off surfaces after application, so it is quick and easy to use.

Keep well!

June 10, 2020