LPK Toilet Seat Disinfecting Wipes – 350 Count Refill

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Refill for LPK Toilet Seat Disinfecting Wipes Dispenser.

• Pre-moistened with an antiseptic and disinfecting solution

• Efficient and economic; one wipe disinfects the entire toilet seat

• No rinsing required

• Good skin compatibility 

• Dispose of in bin

• Fragrance: Menthol Colour: Clear

• Bactericidal, yeasticidal, and active against viruses

More Information
Antimicrobial efficacy Impregnated solution properties - Bactericidal (1min): EN 1040, EN 1276, EN 13727, EN 13697, active against MRSA, EBSE, ERV • Yeasticidal (5min): EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 13624, EN 13697 • Active against viruses: EN 14476 : Rotavirus (1min), Vaccine (30s - Covers notably the following enveloped viruses: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza, HIV…)
Biocide No
Country of origin France
Ethanol CAS n° 64-17-5 (48 g/kg), Benzalkonium chloride CAS n° 85409-22-9 (3 g/kg), Chlohexidine digluconate CAS n° 18472-510 (1,2 g/kg).

GOJO combines passion for our Purpose – saving lives and making life better through well-being solutions – with scientific knowledge of hand hygiene and skin care. This leads to positive outcomes that make a difference in people's lives.

Select the link below for an outcome study summary providing scientific evidence of results achieved.

• Reducing Infection Rates in Healthcare
• Reducing Absenteeism in Schools and Colleges
• Improved Skin Condition in Harsh Environments Prone to Dermatitis
• Reducing Illness and Absenteeism in Military Settings
• Reducing Absenteeism in Workplace Settings
• Hand Hygiene for Food Handlers

Scientific Studies

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