SVEMA. Your Cleanspiration.

SVEMA is an independent brand that combines the expertise and commitment of GOJO managers to continue and develop the mission of delivering world-class hand hygiene solutions across Europe. This is a long-term ambition to raise sanitary standards in hand skin care.

The brand was established after GOJO Industries withdrew from the European market. Despite challenging circumstances, a group of dedicated GOJO experts led by Sven Jäschke and Marcin Kurek, gathered around well-organized GOJO Central Europe GmbH and worked extremely hard to keep the lifetime relationships with distributors.

Today, we are proud to acknowledge that thanks to courageous decisions and values based on trust and partnership SVEMA will continue providing hygiene solutions in the European market but on the wider scale, with the larger and better offer, having powerful partners supporting our road to success. We are happy to announce the strategic partnership with OPHARDT - a global leader in dispenser manufacturing. Moreover, we continuously expand our network of partners.

The SVEMA brand is accompanied by the motto: "Your Cleanspiration", because we want to inspire anew in the area of hand skin safety and comfort by expanding the existing GOJO range and raising current standards in the approach to hygiene. "Your Cleanspiration" is not only a claim, but also our operating philosophy. We want to motivate customers to improve hygiene habits in the workplaces to safeguard their health and the health of those around them.


SVEMA is based on a number of values on which we build our relationships and business offering.

We value long-term business relationships and mutual support. In collaboration, we represent a fair and honest approach, ensuring reliability.

Professionalism and Trust in Experts:
Our professionalism is shaped by the knowledge and vast experience of our team. We believe that the foundation of good collaboration is mutual trust based on expertise, care and diligence.

Inspiration and Motivation:
We believe in empowering our clients to make positive changes in their daily routines on hand care. We aim to inspire people to improve hygiene habits in their workplaces, safeguarding the health of themselves and those around them.

Continuous Development:
Meeting client expectations means growing together with them. We constantly strive for innovation, seeking new solutions to ensure that our offerings are always aligned with current standards and even exceed expectations.