Program Benefit

Reduce the risk of germs leaving the restroom and improve the image of your building.

Install PURELL® at the restroom exit and you'll be amazed by the effect:


  • Better hand hygiene habits
  • Cleaner restrooms
  • Patrons and employees will thank you


Proven results in reduced absenteeism
Results of outcome studies show significant decreases in absenteeism due to illness when hand hygiene education programs with alcohol based hand sanitisers have been implemented.

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Where is the Perfect Place for PURELL® Dispensers in Your Restrooms?

If you're serious about reducing the spread of germs in your facility, a strategically placed PURELL® dispenser can do wonders. Make PURELL® the last thing people see before they leave the restroom. Put it within easy reach, and you'll significantly increase the likelihood that people will use it.


Why implement the PURELL® PERFECT PLACEMENT™ programme? (EN)

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Spreading Germs Poster (Customizable) (EN)

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