Healthcare Support


Support and Educational Material

GOJO offers staff education and training tools that focus on hand hygiene compliance and proper skin care management in the healthcare environment.
Our team will provide a complete training, monitoring and evaluation programme to improve infection control practices by encouraging correct hand washing and sanitising practices.

An holistic approach to hand hygiene:

Site Survey:

  • Site requirement audit
  • Full audit report to capture correct placement as per guidelines


  • All dispensers/shields/bed end brackets provided free on loan
  • Refill bottles made with 100% recycled PET
  • Follow up on location specification
  • Training staff
  • Correct placement of products
  • GOJO Dispenser Installation Service


  • On-site at customer location
  • Dedicated Healthcare Support Managers
  • Dynamic educational support
  • Exhibition attendance
  • Skin monitoring tools
  • Visual reminders for staff, patients and visitors

Monitoring Compliance

  • Compliance reporting

Technical Support

  • Antimicrobial evidence data
  • Skin tolerance evidence
  • Frequent science & technological updates
  • Thought leader collaborations
  • Technical studies and research

Total solution approach

  • Hand hygiene sustainability leadership
  • Education awareness signage


Download Healthcare Support

Wash Stop the Germs Poster (EN)

Take Care of your Skin (EN)

WHO Five Moments Poster (EN)

Boys and Girls Wash General Poster (EN)

Girls Wash Protocol Poster (EN)

Boys Wash Protocol Poster (EN)

Boys and Girls Sanitise General Poster (EN)

Girls Sanitise Protocol Poster (EN)

Boys Sanitise Protocol Poster (EN)

Wash Protocol Poster (EN)

Wash Stop the Germs Poster (EN)

Sanitise Stop the Germs Floor Sign (EN)

Sanitise Stop the Germs Ward Poster (EN)

Sanitise Stop the Germs Poster (EN)

Sanitise Stop the Germs Poster (EN)

Sanitise Stop the Germs Bus Stop Sign (EN)

Protocol Poster Sanitising (EN)

Sanitise and wash protocol dispenser labels are also available.

For information on our full range of posters and dispenser labels please speak to one of the GOJO team.