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Your employee’s hands are the driving force behind a successful business, and when they’re not at their best, it can impact productivity. Implementing a wellness program with GOJO® products can reduce down time due to Occupational Dermatitis and help keep facilities running smoothly and employees hands healthy. From heavy-duty hand cleaners to conditioning lotions, the GOJO Skin Health Regimen keeps workers hands working at their full potential.


Skin health is vital, but often overlooked part of any wellness program. Employees with dry, cracked skin are more susceptible to irritation from the chemicals they encounter at work, which can lead to lost time and hurt your bottom line.

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14 Days to Better Skin

Our 3-Step system isn’t just convenient. A scientific study has shown that workers who followed the GOJO Healthy Skin Regimen could see and feel a difference in their skin. How different? A massive 71% of workers were happy with the way their skin felt after following the program.

GOJO® HAND & SURFACE Scrubbing Wipes

  • Double-texture wet wipes with an abrasive side to remove heavy 
    heavy soiling and a smooth side that softens hands.
  • Extra large wipes for cleaning hands, arms, tools and surfaces.
  • Formulation with good skin compatibility for cleaning and degreasing.
  • Suitable for all areas where intensive cleaning is necessary.
  • Water or rinsing not required
  • For use in numerous industries including construction, manufacturing and automotive.

GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner

The GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner has been formulated to quickly and effectively remove grease, oil and tar. It contains plant‑based scrubbing particles (apricot stones & corn seed), mild surfactants, and is enriched with plant-based glycerin for skin conditioning.


GOJO Olive Scrub Hand Cleaner

GOJO Olive Scrub Hand Cleaner features a fresh scent and plant-based scrubbing particles. It has been formulated for maximum cleaning power on a variety of soils including tar, paint and adhesive. Ideal for heavy manufacturing, workshops and garages.


GOJO SUPRO MAX™ Hand Cleaner

A fast and effective hand cleaner with gentle scrubbers to remove tough or sticky soils. This hand cleaner is effective on oil, grease, paint, and adhesives, and contains a unique blend of cleaners and skin conditioners to help leave the skin feeling healthy.


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Combining GOJO Industries-Europe with Laboratoires Prodene Klint, we have bought together market leading brands, scientific and technological expertise in skin and surface hygiene and continued innovation to grow the hygiene category.


GOJO has over 60 years experience in R&D and Innovation in the skin and surface hygiene category. Benefit from our Know-How, Scientific Studies and articles around professional hygiene to create a healthy, productive work environment.


We're committed to creating a healthy environment for everyone. It’s part of who we are and what we do every day. The GOJO Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better Through Well-Being Solutions drives every decision we make, from products we deliver, to the ways we work.